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Purpose and Scope:

The Journal of Fluids Engineering disseminates technical information in fluid mechanics of interest to researchers and designers in mechanical engineering. The majority of papers present original analytical, numerical or experimental results and physical interpretation of lasting scientific value. Other papers are devoted to the review of recent contributions to a topic, or the description of the methodology and/or the physical significance of an area that has recently matured.

This journal publishes papers in the areas of aerodynamics, boundary layers, bubbly flows, cavitations, compressible flows, convective heat transfer (with emphasis on fluids engineering), duct and pipe flows, free shear layers, flows in biological systems, fluid-structure interaction, fluid transients and wave motion, jets, multiphase flows, naval hydrodynamics, sprays, stability and transition, turbulence, and wakes. In addition, contributions to the Journal emphasize investigative techniques, analytical methods, computational fluid mechanics, and experimental methods like laser-Doppler velocimetry, and hot film and hot wire anemometry.


Malcolm J. Andrews, Los Alamos Natl Lab