Purpose and Scope:

The Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power publishes archival-quality papers in the areas of gas and steam turbine technology, nuclear engineering, internal combustion engines, and fossil power generation. It covers a broad spectrum of practical topics of interest to industry.

ubject areas covered include: Thermodynamics; Fluid mechanics; Heat transfer and modeling; Propulsion and power generation components and systems; Combustion, fuels, and emissions; Nuclear reactor systems and components; Thermal hydraulics; Heat exchangers; Nuclear fuel technology and waste management; I. C. engines for marine, rail, and power generation; Steam and hydro power generation; Advanced cycles for fossil energy generation; Pollution control and environmental effects

Specific topic areas include: Gas and steam turbines; Nuclear reactor engineering; I. C. engines; Fossil energy; High-temperature materials and metallurgy; Coal, biomass, and alternative fuels; Cogeneration and combined cycles; Micro-turbines; Oil and gas applications; Rotor balancing and vibration; Bearings; Lubrication; Friction and wear; Fuel injection and sprays; Combustion and emissions technologies; HCCI engine combustion; Hybrid vehicle control; High-temperature nuclear reactors; Advanced steam cycles; Thermal hydraulics CFD; Heat exchangers and cooling systems; Nuclear reactor structural integrity and life cycle; Controls, diagnostics, and instrumentation; Steam generators and condensers; Component life management


David Wisler, GE Aviation, retired