Purpose and Scope:

Addressing the wide-ranging topics of energy generation, conversion, transportation and storage, the Journal disseminates technical information - peer-reviewed scholarly work, research papers, technical briefs, and feature articles - of permanent interest to the Journal`s readership. Emphasis is given to extraction and conversion of chemical and thermal to electrical or mechanical forms of energy, including transportation energy requirements, petroleum engineering, natural/unconventional gas extraction technology, advanced power cycles and the relation between energy source and environment. Specific areas of importance include (but are not limited to): fundamentals of thermodynamics such as energy, entropy and exergy, laws of thermodynamics, thermoeconomics, alternative and renewable energy sources, internal combustion engines, (geo) thermal energy storage and conversion systems, fundamental combustion of fuels, energy resource recovery from biomass and solid wastes, carbon capture, land and offshore wells drilling, production and reservoir engineering, and the economics of energy resource exploitation.

The majority of papers published in the Journal present original scholarly work such as analytical, numerical, or experimental results and physical analysis of processes of lasting scientific value. A small number of published papers describe case histories, review of recent R&D advancements, or description of a methodology/industrial process. Discussion papers addressing energy policy or regulatory issues that affect energy resources and energy demand and supply chain also fall within the scope of the journal. Papers that do not include original work but nonetheless present quality analysis or incremental improvement to past work may be published as technical briefs.


Hameed Metghalchi, Northeastern University

Announcements and Call for Papers:

Special Issue on: Recent Advances in Fundamentals and Applications of Biomass Energy. Paper submittal deadline is July 1, 2017.