Purpose and Scope:

The Journal of Energy Resources Technology disseminates technical information – peer-reviewed scholarly work, research papers, technical briefs, feature articles and authoritative review articles – of permanent interest to the journal’s readership. Emphasis is given to extraction and conversion of any form of chemical, thermal and mechanical energies, including various electricity generation technologies, refrigeration/heat pump and cryogenic processes, energy storage, and technologies associated with carbon capture, utilization and storage. Evaluation of the systems using methods of thermodynamics, economics and environmental sciences, including sustainability aspects, and policy assessments. Application of optimization methods. A small number of published papers describe case histories, review advanced technologies or describe a new methodology/industrial process, applications of machine learning and big data analysis. Discussion papers addressing energy policy or regulatory issues that affect energy resources and energy demand and supply are also published.

Specific areas of importance, but not limited to:

Classical, Engineering and Advanced Thermodynamics; Exergy and Exergy-based Methods; Energy Conversion Processes (in Power Plants, Refrigeration/Cryogenic Systems, combined and hybrid systems, and their components); Fuel Combustion (Fundamentals, Process Simulation and Experimental Research); Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources and Technologies Energy Resource Recovery from Biomass and Solid Waste; Internal Combustion Engines; Mechanical, Thermal and Chemical Energy Storage Systems; Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilisation; Modelling, Analysis and Optimization of energy systems Onshore and Offshore Well Drilling; Production and Reservoir Engineering


Tatiana Morozyuk, Technische Universität Berlin
Ray (Zhenhua) Rui, China University of Petroleum

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