Purpose and Scope:

The purpose of this journal is to provide an international platform for the communication of knowledge and solutions in the area of the research and design of autonomous vehicles and systems operating in all media and inter-medium environments: ground, air, space, and water. The focus of this journal is on a vehicle system-of-systems approach to modeling, simulation, and design. The vehicle applications include but are not limited to personal and cargo transportation, construction and forestry, farming, scientific research, investigation of the underground, air and water, exploration of other planets, infrastructure monitoring, surveillance and military, etc.

Artificial Intelligence; System Models; Inputs/Outputs; Controls and Observation; Environmental Models; Modeling and Designing Autonomous Vehicle Powertrain and Chassis; Payload Models; Sensors in Autonomous Vehicle Systems and Sensors for Autonomous Features of Vehicles; Outdoor and Cyber-Physical Indoor Proving Grounds; Gaming Environments


Vladimir Vantsevich, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Director, Vehicle and Robotics Engineering Laboratory
E: vantsevi@uab.edu
P: (205) 975-5855

Diversity and Inclusion
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