Purpose and Scope:

ASME is happy to announce our newest journal!

The aim of ASME Journal of Engineering for Sustainable Buildings and Cities is to be the primary, high-quality resource for dissemination of research on integrated and sustainable building equipment and systems (ISBES) for individual buildings, as well as urban centers. The main topics of the journal are related to sustainable and resilient building energy systems including - but not limited to - innovative technologies to integrate various building components, accurate energy equipment and building energy modeling tools, efficient combined heat and power, cost-effective building-specific energy storage systems (i.e., passive and active technologies), and advanced optimized control strategies for operating mechanical energy systems in buildings. In addition, the journal will consider new equipment and systems that can enhance the resiliency of buildings associated to climate change and recurrent extreme events.

In particular, the journal will disseminate new developments of energy efficient heating and cooling systems that are able to adapt to large variations in weather conditions especially in urban areas.


  • Design, Development and Research of Sustainable and Resilient Mechanical Systems and Equipment for Buildings
  • Building Envelope Technologies
  • Smart Building Structures
  • Power Equipment and Technologies for Buildings
  • Equipment for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Control Theory and Practice for Buildings Equipment and Systems
  • District Cooling and Heating for Buildings
  • Energy Engineering of High Rise Buildings
  • Management of Building Energy Loads
  • Equipment and Systems for Indoor Air Quality
  • Sensor Systems for Building Equipment and Systems
  • Energy Harvesting for Buildings and Cities
  • Smart energy systems for buildings, cities, and grids
  • Hydronics Systems for Buildings
  • Fire Science and Fire-Protection Systems for Buildings
  • Simulation of Building Equipment and Systems
  • Elevators and Building Mobility Systems Architecture of Sustainable and Resilient Building Equipment and Systems
  • Renewable Energy Systems for Buildings
  • Economics of Buildings Equipment and Systems

  • Research papers that address performance and analysis of solar energy systems should be submitted to the ASME Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, and papers that address performance and analysis of building systems should be submitted to ASME Journal of Engineering for Sustainable Buildings and Cities.


    Jorge Gonzalez-Cruz, University at Albany
    Moncef Krarti, University of Colorado at Boulder

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