Purpose and Scope:

The Journal of Micro and Nano-Manufacturing provides a forum for the rapid dissemination of original theoretical and applied research in the interdisciplinary field of micro and nano science and engineering. The journal is devoted to reporting novel research onto scientific principles, design and development of Micro and Nano Manufacturing (MNM) technologies that enable applications in micro- and nano-fluidics, quantum devices, micro-optics, sensors and actuators, industrial photonics, lab-on-a-chip devices, power generation and energy storage devices, mould interconnect devices, packaging of MEMS and Integrated Circuits, wearable devices, life-sciences and biomedical devices, drug manufacturing, metamaterials and metasurfaces. Papers focused on design and process innovation, design for X, accuracy, and precision, performance and throughput enhancement, material utilization, compact equipment development, environmental and life-cycle analysis, and predictive modelling of devices and manufacturing processes with feature sizes less than a few hundred micrometres are also encouraged.

Areas of interest including, but not limited to: MNSE for incorporating functional micro and nano features and structures into products and devices; Design, performance study and design for X of MNM enabled products and devices; Integration of design and manufacturing employing topology optimization and additive manufacturing; Integration of “smart” multi-functional surfaces in products and devices; Packaging solutions for integrating MEMS and Integrated Circuits; Process design for unit micro- and nano-manufacturing; Design and validation of process chains integrating micro/nano manufacturing technologies; Self-assembly and combining bottom-up and top-down fabrication methods; Micro/Nano positioning, manipulation and assembly; Hybrid manufacturing processes utilizing various energy sources (optical, mechanical, electrical, solar, etc.) to achieve multi-scale features and resolutions; 3D micro/nano additive manufacturing, 3D printing, 3D bio-printing; 4D printing; Laser micro processing for structuring, texturing and joining; High-throughput micro- and nano-manufacturing processes; Quantum materials, structures, and devices; Equipment development; Predictive modelling and simulation of materials and/or systems enabling point-of-need or scaled-up micro- and nano-manufacturing; Metrology at the micro- and nano-scales over large areas; On-machine and in-process metrology and/or monitoring of MNM technologies; Sensors and sensor integration; Micro/Nano robotics and automation technologies; Application of machine learning and artificial intelligence in MNM; Design algorithms for multi-scale manufacturing; Life cycle analysis; Logistics and material handling related to MNSE.


Stefan Dimov, University of Birmingham

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