Purpose and Scope:

The Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology publishes peer-reviewed archival scholarly articles, Research Papers, Technical Briefs, and feature articles on all aspects of the science, engineering, and manufacturing of fuel cells of all types. Specific areas of importance include, but are not limited to: development of constituent materials, joining, bonding, connecting, interface/interphase regions, and seals, cell design, processing and manufacturing, multi-scale modeling, combined and coupled behavior, aging, durability and damage tolerance, reliability, availability, stack design, processing and manufacturing, system design and manufacturing, power electronics, optimization and control, fuel cell applications, and fuels and infrastructure.

The majority of the papers published will present original scholarly work, but a number of published papers will describe, for example, case studies, novel processes, recent research, development or manufacturing advancements, results from on-site stack tests, etc. Archival papers addressing policy or regulatory issues relating to fuel cells will also fall under the scope of the journal. Special issues will also be published that contain the papers of specific fuel cell conferences.


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In 2016, the Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology is being renamed to the Journal of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage.
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Diversity and Inclusion
The Technical Committee on Publications and Communications endorses the commitment of ASME to support diversity and to create and ensure inclusive and ethical practices for publishing as well as the science and engineering professions.