Purpose and Scope:

The Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology is the premier publication for the highest quality research and interpretive reports on the design, analysis, materials, fabrication, construction, inspection, operation, and failure prevention of pressure vessels, piping, pipelines, power and heating boilers, heat exchangers, reaction vessels, pumps, valves, and other pressure and temperature-bearing components, as well as the nondestructive evaluation of critical components in mechanical engineering applications. It publishes analytical, experimental, and numerical studies and welcomes review papers in PVP technology and related research topics.

Not only does the journal cover all topics dealing with the design and analysis of pressure vessels, piping, and components, but it also contains discussions of their related Codes and Standards.

Applicable pressure technology areas of interest include: Dynamic and seismic analysis; Equipment qualification; Fabrication; Welding processes and integrity; Joining and fastening; Operation of pressure vessels and piping; Fatigue and fracture; Fluid-structure interaction; High pressure engineering; Elevated temperature analysis and design; Inelastic analysis; Life extension of PVP components; Lifeline earthquake engineering; PVP materials and their property databases; Structural integrity; NDE; PVP components for hydrogen storage and transmission; Safety and reliability; Verification and qualification of software.


Spyros A. Karamanos, University of Thessaly

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