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Publication Charges


 Publication Charges

1.      Color in print

2.      Final typeset paper longer than 12 standard journal pages

3.      Open Access

4.      Reprints


Color in Print


Cost: $100 per figure.


Excess-page Charges (Final typeset paper is longer than 12 standard journal pages)


Cost: $200 per page


Open Access

After a paper is accepted, authors can choose to pay Article Publication Charges (APCs) so that their paper is immediately available upon publication in compliance with funder mandates.


The papers publish with an ASME © and a NC-BY 4.0 reuse license.


Cost: $3000



Reprints may be ordered in multiples of 100. Minimum order is 100 copies.


Please send Orders and questions to:


Ms. Tamiko Fung
Publishing Assistant
2 Park Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10016-5990


Cost: See Reprint Costs (PDF). Prepayment is required.