ASME Journals Digital Submission Tool

Final Submission

Preparing and Submitting Your Final Digital Files


These author guidelines contain information to assist the user in preparing and submitting the final versions of technical and non-technical works that have been accepted for publication in an ASME journal. Authors will receive notification of acceptance via e-mail and can submit final materials when so noted in the Options section of the Author Status page.


The final version of an author’s work should be just that, so authors are strongly advised to ensure the accuracy and integrity of all elements prior to submittal of these final materials to the site. For information on writing and styling, or for additional details, please refer to the Guidelines for Journal Submission.


In addition to the provision of these final materials, each technical work must be accompanied by a completed and properly executed transfer of copyright form. Please see more details under Copyright Transfer.


Technical Submissions

The final versions of accepted papers and technical briefs will be submitted/uploaded to the site as follows and in the order shown:


See details below.



The final version of the complete paper must be prepared as a double-spaced, single-column manuscript for legibility and readability. This complete paper should contain all elements of the paper: text, tables, graphics (and captions), references, etc. The final complete version must be submitted in PDF format.


Guidelines for Preparing Complete Paper (”r;Web-Ready”)


Submitting the Complete Paper





Please Note: This PDF file will be posted online within 48 hours of the Editor approving the submitted files for production. A DOI will be assigned, and the metadata will be coded so that the paper will be immediately available for search and indexing (e.g., Google Scholar).


The PDF can be formatted as a two column article with figures and tables embedded to increase readability, although this is not a requirement. An output of the text-only file (format below) with the figures included at the end is acceptable. The PDF must, however, include the complete contents of the final accepted manuscript.




1.     The text-only file, Word or LaTex, should include the following items in order:

1.1.  paper title

1.2.  author(s) info (affiliation, address, email)

1.3.  abstract

1.4.  text: single column and double spaced

1.5.  reference section (ASME requires a numerical format, e.g., [1], [2], etc.)

1.6.  table caption list

1.7.  figure caption list

1.8.  tables, each on separate page

1.9.  footers (every page) containing corresponding author's name, Paper#, and page number


Note: Figures are not be included in the Text-Only File.


2. A single LaTeX .tex file should be uploaded. The LaTeX template for ASME Journal Papers can be downloaded at




TIFF or EPS only


Multi-Part Figures


File Naming


TIFF Format


EPS Format






Color Graphics











Non-Technical Submissions

The final versions of non-technical submissions (discussions and closures, editorials, book and software reviews, announcements, etc.) need to be prepared as noted below.




Submitting Text


Submitting Graphics