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Publication Charges


Publication Charges

Research Papers selected for publication are subject page charges if they exceed 9 typeset pages. These charges are invoiced based on the typeset proofs. Details below.


Note: There are no charges for color graphics reproduced in the online version of papers. Additional charges are assessed for color graphics in the print version of the paper. Printing in full color is at the author's discretion, and the author will be billed for these additional charges. While the author may not be invoiced until after the paper is published, authors must commit to payment of these charges when submitting the final files for production. 


Mandatory Excess-page Charges

Charges are assessed for the number of pages beyond the standard length for an ASME Journal paper of nine (9) printed journal pages. Should an ASME Journal paper exceed the standard length of 9 printed pages, the lead author will be assessed a mandatory excess-page charge of $200 per page for each page over 9 pages. This charge is determined by the number of printed pages as shown in the author's proof, and it will be included, as a separate item, on the same invoice as the voluntary page charge. Payment is mandatory and does not entitle the author to free reprints. Please note that failure to pay mandatory charges may result in your paper being withheld from publication. The Journal Editor may request that papers be shortened, and has the ability to waive mandatory page charges on a case-by-case basis upon request from authors.


A research paper should not exceed 9000 words. Beyond this amount, a mandatory excess-page charge will be assigned. To estimate figures and tables: 1 journal page = 1000 words, half journal page (one column) = 500 words, half column = 250 words, quarter column = 125 words. The Editor reserves the right to send papers that exceed the length limitation back to the author(s) for shortening before initiating the review process.


Charges for Additional 4-Color Artwork in Print

Because ASME does not customarily print in full color, all figures should be designed for reproduction in black and white (e.g., all distinctions must be created through the use of varying degrees of black shading, and/or through the use of textural patterns). If, however, you believe that the inclusion of four-color artwork is essential to the publication of your paper, and if you are willing to incur the additional charges incurred in printing in four-color, please check the “color box” when uploading your figure files into the Journal Tool. Make sure all figures and files are in the acceptable formats. . An invoice will be sent to the individual author detailing the charges.


Estimated Color Costs for ASME Journals

·        Color figure(s) on 1-4 journal pages: $400

·        Color figure(s) on 5-8 journal pages: $800

·        Color figure(s) on 9-12 journal pages: $1200


Actual costs depend on the number of figures and the number of pages that they are printed on in the typeset paper.


If payment is made ASME will honor any refund for over-payment.