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Guidelines for Technical Submissions



A research paper is a full-length, technically original research document that reports results of significant and archival value to the specific community of engineers that comprise the journal audience. The purpose of a technical brief is to report results that are of significant and archival value to the engineering community; however, these works are more limited in scope and length. A technical brief may contain any of the following:

·        Preliminary report of a result not yet fully developed or interpreted

·        Commentary on a technical issue of potential interest to readers


Research papers and technical briefs undergo full peer review.


A research paper or technical brief should be clear, concise, and complete, with assumptions plainly identified and data presented (including their uncertainty) with precise logic, with relevance to practices described, and with actual accomplishments of the work clearly stated and honestly appraised.


Submittal of a research paper or technical brief must be accompanied by a statement that it has been neither published nor submitted for publication, in whole or in part, either in a serial, professional journal or as a part in a book that is formally published and made available to the public. This statement will appear on the submittal screen and users must click agreement in order to proceed.


A transfer of copyright must accompany a research paper or technical brief to ASME. Should there be a need to secure clearance or approval to submit the work for publication or for any of the contents included in the work, the author should have this approval prior to submission. Please review Rights and Permissions, Copyright Transfer, and Publication Charges for more information.


Each paper should be capable of being reviewed independently of other submissions by the same author(s).


All contributions should be written in English using American spelling. Please see is Language Editing Services assistance is needed when preparing your paper.