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Copyright Transfer


In order to publish with ASME, an execution of copyright must be completed prior to the publication of an accepted paper. This copyright execution can take the following forms:



It is the author's responsibility to secure company approvals as may be required for signature on the transfer of copyright form. Government clearance on classified material should be obtained where necessary. If approvals or clearances are involved, the original manuscript should note that these have been obtained. Material not approved or cleared should be omitted from the paper. Also, any necessary permission should be secured by the author for the use of any previously published information included in the paper.


Assignment of Copyright to ASME

This assignment is made through the completion of the Copyright Transfer Agreement (1903 Form). Execution of this form grants and assigns exclusively to ASME all rights of copyright: the rights to reproduce and distribute, perform, display, prepare derivative works, and grant third parties permission to reproduce. This form also details the rights returned to authors with regard to further use of their work.


Specific requirements are noted below.



Non-Exclusive License to Publish

If your company or institution does not authorize you to sign the ASME Copyright Transfer Agreement or requires a licensing agreement with ASME for this specific content, please have the appropriate company representative complete the Agreement (Non-Exclusive) Form, sign, and submit to ASME in duplicate. An original signed by the ASME representative will be returned to either the company representative or the corresponding author.



No Assignment of Copyright due to Government Restrictions

If the paper you are submitting cannot be copyrighted due to government assertion of copyright or due to a non-copyrightable status of the paper (e.g., it is already in the public domain or is issued from a government body), please note the following.



What Material Requires a Copyright Form?

Technical material, research paper or technical briefs, requires a copyright form. Non-technical material does not.


How to Submit the Copyright Form?

We are currently not accepting electronic signatures so a paper copy of the form, containing all author signatures, can be mailed or faxed. An email attachment is acceptable (scanned PDF or Word), provided it contains all author signatures.


When to Submit the Copyright Form?

The copyright transfer form must be submitted prior to the Editor's approval of a final paper. It is important to bear in mind that accepted and approved papers will not be processed for publication without receipt of a fully executed and complete form.


Where to Submit the Copyright Form?

The copyright transfer form can be submitted directly to ASME:



Publishing Department

2 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10016

Fax: 212-591-7292

Email: (scanned PDF files of copyright forms only)